Premiere of choral work 'Anima Mea'

My first musical piece written specially for a choir premiered at St. John's Church in Tallinn on Nov 7th. 'Anima Mea' was comissioned by chamber choir 'Collegium Musicale' and was originially planned to premier in April to celebrate the most important event in the Christian calendar - Good Friday. 

I feel so undescribably thankful that after one and a half years of work and seven months after the initial date of the premiere, we were given this oportunity of doing two unforgettable concerts in a row.

This is us:

Chamber choir Collegium Musicale
Conductor Endrik Üksvärav
Erki Pärnoja - guitars
Filip Leyman - synthesizers  
Peedu Kass - synthesizers  and acoustic bass
Ulrik Ording - drums
Marko Erlach (RGB Baltic) - sound
Meelis Lusmägi - lights

Estonian Cultural Endowment Award
Two nominations at Estonian Music Awards 2021

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