Erki Pärnoja

Erki Pärnoja is an Estonian composer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. Well known for his work as the guitarist in the Estonian art-pop group “Ewert and The Two Dragons” he revealed a diverse and more alternative side of himself as a frontman and songwriter composing cinematic instrumental music while continuing to push the boundaries.

Ethereal grieving synthesizer sounds that blend with a distinctive cutting guitar sound, drowned in shimmering reverb - all this forms a musical genre which is best described as a cinematographic journey, a complex affair between dream-pop and groovy guitar rock from the 70s. Acoustic, synthetic and mystical.

His unique Nordic touch, impressionist guitar riffs, film like soundscapes and high instrumental skills of the whole band brought him the Artist Award at Tallinn Music Week Festival in 2017. Official music video/short film for the track “Efterglow”, starring Erki’s grandmother, was awarded with the best music video award at the first Estonian Music Video Awards in 2017 and the album brought him two awards at Estonian Music Awards 2018 – Male Artist of the Year and Alternative/Indie Album of the Year.

As the Republic of Estonia was celebrating its 100th birthday in 2018, Pärnoja was invited to contribute as a composer in “Saja lugu” – a cross-genre work that portraits the soul and nature of Estonian people through photography and music.

His latest album “Leva” was released in February 2020 and he received the Alternative/Indie Album of the Year at Estonian Music Awards 2021 for it. In 2020 Erki received an Estonian Cultural Endowment award for his genre crossing work.

His first ever choral work “Anima Mea” will be released in April 2021.