New single and music video “Soledad” is a hymn to solitude

The new track “Soledad” from Erki Pärnoja’s latest album considers solitude as a sacred state. Inspired by modern day society where our words, thoughts and opinions can be and are heard in an infinite flow of information. “Soledad” is about confusing words and ideas that float around us every moment with our own thoughts. As the structure of the song is growing bit by bit in layers until it comes to a finale of a vast open field of sound, the story behind it moves inversely from the outer to the inner world — a place where silence rules over speech and solitude over society.

Solitude isn’t just an absence of someone or something but rather a timeless space of creativity, contemplation and comfort. An essence of freedom that consists of angst, depth, endless possibilities, tranquility. The best way to be absent, to restart and understand - be fully flexible and reshape yourself. The idea of this somewhat elusive void of a world was the inspiration for this video and from the very beginning of the process we’ve been in this incredibly bizarre mental state of understanding how and what we are doing. This philosophical connection has brought us to this visual solution between colour, movement and space. We must not escape the loneliness but live it fully.

Vocals, guitars, bass - Erki Pärnoja
Vocals - Anna Pärnoja (Anna Kaneelina)
Keyboards, percussion - Filip Leyman
Drums - Ulrik Ording
Produced and mixed by Filip Leyman
Mastered by Hans Olsson Brookes at Svenska Grammofonstudion

Director/Producer/AD/Set design - Kärt Hammer
DOP - Teddy Puusepp
Gaffer - Kasper Raidam
Light - Tanel Topaasia, Janar Hakk
1AC - Erik Õunapuu
Key grip - Ingvar Toomas Heamägi
Dancer - Edgar Vunš
Choreographer - Arolin Raudva
MUAH - Liisa-Chrislin Saleh
Editor - Moonika Põdersalu
Assistant producer - Velle Hammer
Set builders - Eero Hammer, Velle Hammer, Tanel Tepper
Catering - Mare Hammer
Photographer on set - Villem Sooster

Black Box Studios - Maldar-Mikk Kuusk
Vivacolors - Meelis Tarto
High Voltage - Henri Savitski, Alvar Kõue
Fookus Pookus - Siim Kaarel Saluri, Pelle Vellevoog, Kailo Sinivee
Cinerama - Gunnar Laal
Ants Tammik
Tarmo Juhansoo
Marta Pärnoja
Mari Kriis
Tanel Pau

Tallink Tennisekeskus -
Viimsi Tennisekeskus -
Tondi Tennisekeskus -
Laagri Tennisekeskus -

New album "Leva" coming out in February
Leva Solo Tour Feb-Mar 2020

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