Erki Pärnoja and Kaupo Kikkas releasing audiovisual piece "Jäljed" for Estonian Independence Day 2023

Musician and composer Erki Pärnoja and photographer Kaupo Kikkas are releasing their audiovisual creation "Jäljed" in February 2023.

„Jäljed” came to me during the first corona lockdown,” explains Pärnoja. “Weeks, perhaps even months I spent at home while in my mind I was away somewhere. Sitting at my computer or various instruments with my headphones on looking for some specific sound. "When did you write all of that?" asked my wife Anna preplexed when I gave her "Jäljed" for the first listen. Much later in the spring of 2021. when I was walking in the Kilingi-Nõmme woods where I'd been many times yet got completely lost did I realise why I needed to accept and write "Jäljed".

Erki invited Kaupo to translate the music to visual language. They had collaborated before on cross-genre work "Saja lugu" that brought together sounds, moving images, photos, exhibition and people connected to Estonia.

"Sight is a powerful sense. That's why combining music with images has to be treated with special respect and let it be heard," says Kikkas. "My black and white visual language in "Jäljed" appears soft, slow and indirect, sometimes even leaving things unsaid. It leaves space for out feelings to wonder to uncharted territories to find something that is missing from the real world. We see the consequences but not the event itself. "Jäljed" will shape itself differently behind the eyelids of each person."

"Jäljed" is released on 23rd of February 2023 when it can be enjoyed live at Alexela Concert Hall in Tallinn. On stage: Erki Pärnoja with his band and Tallinn Chamber Orchestra. On screen: Kaupo Kikkas' film. Tickets available in Piletitasku.

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