Erki Pärnoja & Anna Kaneelina release new song "Into a Dream" 

Erki Pärnoja and Anna Kaneelina team up for new release "Into a Dream"

After years of collaborating as a team in both Erki Pärnojas and Anna Kaneelinas band, the Tallinn-based couple now releases a new song together. The psychedelic and mesmerizing track was written and produced by Erki Pärnoja and was originally composed for the short film "Keyhole" by Juri Krutii.

Into a Dream takes birth from that distant memory of a love long lost, but resisting to be forgotten. The song tells a story about trusting yourself and finding the courage to let things go even at a time when the ground falls out from underneath you and you are in free fall. There can be beauty in this ignorance and if you believe enough and trust your fate, you will at least end up with a feeling of hope that this fall will be followed by a rise.

"You're falling into the deep, into the unknown. Falling into a dream. Falling for someone.”

Listen to the song HERE

Lageda Taeva All out now

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